Top Five Things To Do In Tampa Florida

Tampa is an excellent place to visit, especially for those people who adore the water or even better ocean views. The city has a great coastal location and visitor also can enjoy the stunning beaches. But not all activities in Tampa involve water, for those who love land more, there are plenty of fun things to do.

Tampa is more than another beach city because it has stunning architecture, great cultural and nightlife and divided neighborhoods that picture the well-organized society in Florida. This city has many things to offer and if you ever come to this city of land and sea, here is what you can do.

Visit the Adventure Island

If you are an adrenaline junkie, then this is a perfect place to experience that thrill. Just across the Busch Gardens, 12 acres of land will give you unimaginable joy of experiencing the high – speed thrills and drenching in shallow water for those who like more peaceful environment. You and find here waterfalls, wave pools, children’s playground and much more. Whether you choose to have an adrenaline tour or relax at private cabanas, you won’t make a mistake.

Choose a sunset cruise by the Boca Ciega Bay

If you want to experience sailing, then Boca Ciega Bay is the best option for you. Spectacular and vivid colors of a sunset will blow your mind, and the reflection of the light in the water will make you feel like you are in some paradise. Visitors have the opportunity to choose one of the luxurious yachts and while sipping a drink spend a memorable night onboard. Boca Ciega Bay is a home to many tropical birds, and it has an extraordinary marine life.

Go to a dolphin watching tour

This is a great opportunity to get a close eye on Florida marine life. Sail on the boat and get to know the natural habitat for bottlenose dolphins at Boca Ciega Bay. This area is a perfect setting for bottlenose dolphins where you can observe them closely and enjoy their play. With the not – alcoholic beverage and dolphins play you will rest your mind and charge your batteries for further adventures.

Museum of Science

If you are a science geek, then the museum of science will surely interest you. This is the largest science center in this part of the Florida state; it has more than 400,000 square feet that feature planetarium, weather quest and rooms with science experiments. There are a lot of interesting things that you can do here, try sleeping on a nail bed, or enjoy with your head in the clouds, where three stories are suspended in the air.

Private Tampa Bay fishing

For those who love calmer environment, fishing in the Tampa Bay is the best solution. Soak up the Tampa’s sun, while you wait to catch your next fish. There is a variety of fish you can choose here, the only thing left is to cast the line and enjoy.

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